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Gelpole foot operated hand sanitiser station

Sanitiser Features
  • Hands free
  • Battery free

  • Foot operated sanitiser stand

  • High-quality appearance with stainless-steel frame, rubber feet, screen printed signage and integrated instructions
  • Indoor & outdoor use (weatherproof)

  • 1L Refillable disinfectant gel holder with high quality stainless steel pump

  • 3 year warranty

  • Portable

  • Viewports to check sanitiser gel level
  • Includes funnel for refilling sanitiser bottle

  • Locking cap with chrome plated lock

  • Bolt down option

  • Optional heavy steel base

  • Rubber feet 
Features Gelpole Junior 1l image
Features Gelpole Blue 1L
Features Gelpole Blue 5L


1 Unlock the cap with the key

2 Rotate the cap anti-clockwise

3 Lift off the cap

4 Remove empty hand sanitiser gel bottle

5 Replace with full hand sanitiser gel bottle

6 Reassemble cap and lock

Refilling sample image

Fixing to the floor

1 Using supplied template, drill holes into floor

2 Fit the plugs supplied

3 Fit Gelpole over the base

4 Use spacer washers to protect the plastic cover

5 Fit washers over spacers

6 Screw into place

Floor plan image

Fixing signage

1 Using the screws supplied, fit the signage to the Gelpole

2 Please do not over-tighten

Spare parts can be supplied with order

fitting sign grey

Fitting optional base

We recommend the heavy base for free-standing indoor and outdoor installations. The base comes with four rubber feet.

1 Fit Gelpole over the base

2 Use spacer washers to protect the plastic cover

3 Fit washers over the spacers

4 Screw into place

Orange big base


Gelpole hand sanitiser station Custom Branding ?

Standard or Custom signage is available for your Gelpole hand sanitiser stand.

Why not have your hand sanitiser stand amplify your brand? Select your size (small or large) and our team of designers will work with you to customise your Gelpole signage featuring your branding and custom messaging. If you have your own design team in house, simply download the Gelpole Custom Signage template (available on each Product Page) and send to sales@gelpole.com.au with confirmation of your order number. Note: In order to use the template, you will need to have access to Adobe Illustrator.


Sanitiser Dispenser Bottles and pump caps ?

We can supply 1 litre bottles in packs of 36. They will come with transit caps only. Pump caps also come in packs of 36.


Viscosity of hand sanitiser gel and type of pump cap ?

Due to the range of viscosity in hand sanitiser gel different pump caps may be required to dispense effectively. We can supply a range of caps to match the thickness of gel. 


How do I refill the sanitiser gel container in the Gelpole ?

A filling funnel is supplied with every Gelpole. We recommend having a stock of pre-filled 1 litre containers with pump heads fitted to quickly refill the Gelpole.


How long is the guarantee ?

Guarantee on pole and signage (situated in normal public areas) is 3 years. Pump caps are not included in the guarantee (pump caps last for 30,000 applications, so are classed as consumables)


Delivery time ?

Gelpole 1L and Gelpole Junior 1L: 1-2 weeks from order.
Gelpole 5L: Approx. 4 weeks from order.

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