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Best Hand Sanitiser Stand for Schools

This question gets asked a lot. In fact, we asked ourselves the same question well before we designed the Gelpole Children's Hand Sanitiser Stand.

Make it not intimidating was our first thought, most sanitising stations on the market are built for adults, and for a small child, they can look a little scary. So we decided to build a kids-only version that doesn't involve them having to reach their hands up high, often over their heads. This can lead to improper use and create loads of mess when they pull their little hands away. Building the stand lower solved both these issues.

Make it more fun to look at and to use was our second consideration. We designed them to be bright and happy (certainly not scary) and rather than just ask kids to place their hands inside a battery-driven opening to receive a dispense of gel, we made our hand sanitiser stands with a simple to use foot pedal that kids love to operate.

Making it environmentally friendly was very important. We know schools are big on looking after the environment and actively teach ways to reduce our footprint on the earth. Adding more batteries to landfill was never the way to go for us, so again, the foot pedal system was the perfect solution.

Make it solid and durable was yet another factor in our design. We know how boisterous kids can be at times, especially boys as they get older. We made our stands out of stainless steel and we were adamant that the stands should have no sharp edges. We also designed our stands to be either portable with a heavy base (great for special use days) or for the stands to be bolted hard to the floor so not to be knocked over. These build techniques have allowed us to warranty the stands for an industry-leading three years.

We now have units in stock ready for immediate shipment ready for the term.


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